Moskito, the speedometer for cyclists who turns into tomorrow smartwatch on Kickstarter


will start tomorrow December 1 of Kickstarter seeking funding through crowdfunding Moskito a speedometer “Swiss made” designed especially for cyclists can turn into a real clock with smart functionality.

Moskito is nothing but a analog clock with quartz movement that can be mounted on the handlebar of your bike in order to give the rider all the most important information, including speed, distance traveled, average speed and personal records. I physical buttons places on the right side of the body help to better manage the functions, even when you are riding your bicycle. The data collected by the “companion app” can then be synchronized with Strava and Garmin Connect for easier reading.

The watch will be available in two versions, Classic stainless steel with leather strap or NATO and Fly black aluminum, is resistant up to 2 meters and may be purchased in the variant that provides for the measurement of distance and speed in kph or mph.

Upon completion of the training session by bike, Moskito can be inserted into the holder with strap to be worn on the right wrist as a normal watch. In this way, the screen will be entirely dedicated to time reading and notifications the receipt of which is fully customizable to the user’s discretion once sync your device to your smartphone.

Featuring an rechargeable lithium battery Moskito will be available from tomorrow on Kickstarter at the price devoted to “early bakers” 535 Swiss francs ( about 495 EUR ) for the Classic model and 635 Swiss francs ( about 588 EUR ) for the Fly version.

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