October 16, 2016 a joint program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian state corporation Roscosmos’ exomars-2016 “has entered a new phase.

reported that the department carried out a successful demonstration landing module Schiaparelli ( «Schiaparelli”) from the orbital module TGO (Trace Gas Orbiter). Now the “Schiaparelli” will continue to move along the path that crosses the orbit of Mars, landing on the planet, and the orbiter TGO October 17 will perform the maneuver go to hyperbolic with respect to the orbit of Mars, which on October 19 will begin the maneuver of braking to enter the orbit of the Red Planet’s partner.

Landing landing “Schiaparelli” module is scheduled October 19, 2016. “Schiaparelli” enters the atmosphere at an altitude of 122.5 km, at a speed of about 21 000 km / h. The parachute will open at an altitude of 11 km at a unit rate of 1650 km / h. Branch of the front heat shield must occur at an altitude of 7 km from the planet’s surface. Brake motors “Schiaparelli” turn on at a height of 1.1 km, their task – to help pay off the unit with the speed of 250 km / h up to 4 km / h, and then at a height of 2 m, they will be switched off and landing module will land already in freefall . The special design of the device should soften the blow in the fall.

Recall that the project “exomars” also includes a second phase. It aims to bring to the surface of the Red Planet Russian landing platform with a European rover automatic on board. This phase is scheduled for 2020.