Already today is a premium crossover with a high rate of uniqueness. But with the advent of second-generation, Mini Countryman it is set to become even more exclusive: by an official, BMW announced it has unveiled the first and most succulent new model of 2017.

Leaving already guess (as is the usual rest) a significant increase in size and content, for the new BMW Mini was first thought of a test engine of the future, ie a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain. Wave that many are starting to ride, but on 2 Countryman enjoy the proverbial excellence that the German giant guarantees each engine placed on the market.

The thermoelectric units should in fact be the same one that beats beneath the bonnet of the BMW Active Tourer 225xe reinforced by updates and changes studied ad hoc for the Countryman. Among these, there is the debut of a mysterious “sport driving mode”, an exclusive Mini that will add to the three configurations can be activated on the Series 2: Auto eDrive, Save Battery and Max eDrive (by selecting it you can reaching a record speed of 125 km / h with zero tailpipe emissions thus using only the electric propulsion).

The plug-in electric charging (useful even on 100% electric vehicles to further reduce the use of heat engine) will be placed immediately behind the front left wheel; the battery instead will place under the rear seats. The pedal, like the Series 2, will offer two levels of pressure: acting on the first part of the race we’ll work on electric units, pressing deeper we will open the gas the 1.5 petrol three-cylinder (unconfirmed but very likely).