The October 26 Microsoft will hold a hardware event which is expected to announce the new Surface All-in-One ie a desktop computer iMac style probably dedicated mainly to corporate users. However, Microsoft could also have another surprise for its users. According to rumors, in fact, the Redmond might create an updated version of its hybrid Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book introducing the new processors Intel Kabylake to instead of the current Skylake.

A further indication of the possible arrival of an updated version of the hybrids Windows 10 Microsoft comes from Amazon. The ecommerce giant, in fact, began to identify the current models with the words “Old version” that is old version. This is a definite sign that would indicate how soon a new version is coming soon. The move to upgrade the existing Surface and Surface Pro 4 Book for Microsoft would be the most appropriate strategy to maintain its competitive hybrid in the comparison of competition. Although much appreciated by users, the Surface Pro and Surface Book 4 almost a year old and the new models are not expected before early 2017. To continue to offer an innovative product, then, Microsoft could decide to include the seventh-generation Intel processors that offer much better performance.

The Intel Kabylake, in fact, are made using the architecture in 14 nanometers and offer better graphics performance. Also natively support USB 3.1 and improve support to 4K . But more importantly, these processors deliver lower consumption offering outstanding range, real sticking point in recent Surface.

This is, of course, the rumors but if a refresh of the Surface and Surface Pro 3 Book you will find out in just over a week.