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Microsoft ended last Tuesday the acquisition of Geene company startup that provides a virtual assistant for scheduling appointments. The deal will lead the team Geene to the Microsoft portfolio and put it to develop greater intelligence to Office 365. The startup services allow users to take advantage of an intelligent assistant that can interpret phrases like “lunch schedule in such a sixth restaurant -feira “and turn them into calendar event.

the acquisition of Geene is part of Microsoft’s strategy to build an intelligent software and provide services based on artificial intelligence (AI) in its software. The company was focused in this area for all the time that its CEO Satya Nadella was in charge, with functions such as Office Delve, which is shared documents between people of the relevant organization to the user, and the Focused Inbox in Outlook, which filters emails important and separates them into an exclusive tab without interfering with the user experience.


(It would make sense to use the Geene tools to enhance Cortana)

the current company acquired services will be switched off on 1 September, as part of the signed contract. It is not yet clear whether the functionality of the wizard will be implemented directly in Office 365 or if the team behind the Geene will only help work on a variety of Microsoft applications. It would make sense if this scheduling technology from the natural language were part of the Outlook functions as well as the virtual assistant Windows, Cortana, which was introduced in almost all operating system platforms to encourage its use. The goal of Geene to provide artificial intelligence to people who do not have their own truth secretaries blends well with the strategy that Microsoft has used.

This all confirms the engagement of Satya Nadella in acquiring companies to strengthen the capacity Microsoft growth in several areas. The company founded by Bill Gates has made a number of upscale shopping, including the purchase of Xamarin application development platform, Swiftkey, smart keyboard for smartphones, and a great success according to acquire Linkedin for more than US $ 26 billion

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