The head of Xbox Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) in an interview with reporters PC Authority reiterated that Microsoft He wants to make all of its games accessible simultaneously on Xbox one and Windows 10 in the framework of Xbox play Anywhere (buying a game for one of the platforms, the player receives two versions, which are connected by common conservation, achievements and so on). However, he did not rule out that some of the individual projects that are created with an eye to it on your PC or it is on the Xbox, still can be exclusives this or that platform.

He also expressed confidence that with time more and more major publishers such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Activision join the program Xbox Play Anywhere. As Mr Spencer said that small independent developers like Xbox ID program participants understand the benefits of the sale of its project the widest possible audience, and they now have a positive attitude to the idea of ​​Xbox Play Anywhere.

larger publishers and developers, according to Phil Spencer, is taken a wait: “If we talk about the larger traditional third-party publishers, as long as they want to understand how the program will work for us. There is always a fear that you give two games for the price of one. But I would say that there are literally people’s unity, that really buy the game twice: once on the PC, and the other time – on consoles “


“In fact, you simply allow a person who is already your client, play your game more often. In today’s world becomes more and more important people involved in the game – it’s almost always a good thing, given the availability of multiplayer options and other modern business models. I believe that at one time part of the largest publishing houses will participate in our program, “ – he added


Phil Spencer is not ready to say, as an initiative Xbox Play Anywhere affected the sales of Forza Horizon 3 or recore (because the comparative data for these games simply not available), but noted that the players enjoy the function and find it useful.