Fans of video games is not the first year, arguing that all the same better: Forza Motorsport from Microsoft Studios or Gran Turismo from Polyphony Digital Japanese from Spin. off under the name Horizon in this sense, is somewhere in the side of his fans is alien to the desire to get the most realistic physical model driving or at a wide variety of machines Forza Horizon -… it is available in the development of game-holiday very soon the third part of the project will receive a very unusual . DLC

 Forza Horizon 2 3 blizzard

According to Microsoft, supplement called Blizzard Mountain will be available for download on December 13 this year. A distinctive feature of DLC – snow theme. Gamers will ride in extreme conditions on the icy roads. In addition, Blizzard Mountain enters seven new and additional modes.

Recall release Forza Horizon 3 held in late September this year. The game was released on Xbox One and PC.