After a week off for Thanksgiving feast, Dona Sarkar and his team are back in action with a new build of Windows 10 Creators Update for smartphone of Insiders in Fast Ring . The build is the number 14977 ; the main novelty is the ability to read ebooks in EPUB format from the Edge browser, as we saw in previous build desktop systems .

The EPUB They must be unprotected by DRM; Edge provides a special interface with the ability to change the size of text and three themes – sepia, light and dark. also supported the addition of bookmarks; navigation is entrusted to a seek bar at the bottom, or the table of contents. You can search for a word or phrase, and ask Cortana the definition of words.

Before turning to bug fixes, it should be noted that will not arrive this week to build desktop systems due to a sudden bug that could have compromised some app.

Other improvements and bug fixes Changed the rendering technology used by many types of content app UWP; report any inconsistencies in the Hub of feedback and glitches How early alarms set by third-party apps are now able to play despite the do not disturb Removed the possibility of notifications in Settings to disable the alarms on Lock Screen. You can still remove it by entering the notification settings per-app. Notifications in Settings can now be customized or disabled: the reference page is to Settings> System> Notifications> Settings On the support to OAuth protocol on Yahoo mail account. Improve the reliability of sync and will ensure a more secure Fixed an issue where the disconnection and reconnection of wireless earphones while playing a video caused the non-operation of audio Fixed an issue where some music app interrupted play after one song Fixed an issue where after closing a tab in Edge and exiting from the app, the reopening was shown the card address in the URL bar Fixed an issue where the Start page in the settings was not rendered correctly if it opens an external monitor through Continuum Numerous improvements to the location, especially for the French (Canada and France) and the Chinese. Fixed an issue where if the option to show notifications on the lock screen was turned off, starting the device and immediately checking the Notification Center while the phone was still locked could result in failure to display notifications in the Notifications after unlocking Center fixed a problem of missing camera app after pressing the physical button on the camera screen is off or Glance screen activates fixed a text prediction problem in bangla language (Bangladesh). Known Issues For a few weeks it will be possible to install new languages, keyboards and voice packets. Those already installed will move between a build and the other. Performing a hard reset will not be able to reinstall the packages. You must use the WDRT and return to Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile, install the necessary packages and then apply the fast ring updates. 10 Windows Mobile Smartphone with 8 GB of internal storage as the Lumia 550 and Lumia 650 will likely receive the 0x800700b7 error when they try to do to upgrade to this build toast Notifications about the machine (such as Bluetooth, USB / Autoplay etc) do not work . Source