In a short time, Microsoft plans to release a service pack Redstone 2 for Windows 10. in addition to the close integration computers and smartphones, the company intends to improve the interface of the voice assistant Cortana, embedding it not only the system, but in the Office. Some users have noticed the changes that have touched the search bar and Cortana applications on the desktop. Interface Theme now applies to the color of the input field for search, allowing you to make it white, not gray or the color of the relevant topics, and the field itself was displayed at the top of the display.


Some believe that this is a minor change, which are the result of porting Cortana with the mobile version on board, but others believe that it is may be a signal of the imminent appearance of constitutively active assistant, who will provide information based on the content displayed on the display.


can also add the Microsoft white theme interface in Windows 10 Redstone 2, to make mobile and desktop operating system more similar. Interestingly, all of these features have been noticed more in build 14393, but never became part of the Anniversary Update.