Last February, ZDNET reported the news that Microsoft was testing a version Premium of without advertising and with value-added content. Recently, the tests had been extended but always at users chosen by the company. But now, Microsoft opened to all version “ Preview ” of Premium. The public version, however, is only available for users American a fact that is not surprising given that all new services are initially only available for US customers.

Mini website dedicated to premium reveals that the service costs $ 49.99 a year but which is currently in promotion to $ 19.95 . Subscribers can avail of 5 mailboxes personalized with your own domain, for free, for the first year. Then you will be charged a fee for the renewal of the domain that Microsoft will buy for users. However, those who already own a personal domain can use it through Outlook Premium at no additional cost but always with a maximum of 5 individual mailboxes. Users can also take advantage of calendar the document sharing and the mail service without advertising . The Premium service is based on the infrastructure of the new, therefore, the interface should be subscribers already well known.

Microsoft Premium comes in Preview (image: Microsoft ).

Since, however, a Preview version means it can still be subject to some problem or at least not yet full-featured. Microsoft has not announced when it will end the trial period and especially if and when the premium version of come even outside America’s borders. This is, in fact, a service that will surely be of interest to professionals seeking an infrastructure of mail for their sturdy and reliable activities.