Among the many steps required by Microsoft downsizing strategy in the mobile space also it seems to be the centralizing accounts on social networks of its Lumia brand of . The announcement was made by Microsoft company team itself, but only in relation to the US account – both in terms of Facebook that as far as Twitter . The message is quite simple: from now on, follow the international “channel.”

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– US Lumia (@LumiaUS) August 1, 2016

Windows Central reports that many of the other local social channels have stopped producing content by the end of June – coinciding with the end of the quarter (which corresponds to Microsoft even with the end of fiscal 2016). They are cited in particular Lumia Spain, Russia, India, UK and others; but There is at least one exception, Italy , which he published content yet last Friday.

seems actually one of the few “national” account remained active, even looking on the countries where Microsoft’s mobile operating system is stronger (Germany, for example). For the moment, therefore, the situation remains unchanged – at least in Italy. We’ll see if it will emerge more information. Meanwhile, we leave the Italian and international links:

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