Researchers at Microsoft Research have made another breakthrough in the field of speech recognition . They have developed a system that can understand human speech with fewer errors than do professional translators. Last month, they reported for achieving the result of 6.3% in the metric of Word Error Rate, and now they were able to improve this result to 5.9%, which is the lowest figure incorrectly recognized words in the history of the system observations using industry standard Switchboard speech recognition.

“We have achieved parity with men this is a historic achievement.” – Said Syuedun Huang, head of Microsoft Research unit dedicated to speech recognition


“Another five years ago, I would not have even thought that we would be able to achieve this”, – said Harry Shum, Jr., executive vice president, head of the Microsoft group of Artificial Intelligence


“This achievement is the culmination of over twenty years of efforts,” – said Jeffrey Zweig, chief researcher and head of the research team Speech & Dialog developed by Microsoft


This achievement will allow Microsoft to significantly improve the performance of multiple services, such as Cortana, Skype and others, which involved speech recognition.