Microsoft has launched Premium without ads and with custom domains


Earlier this year Microsoft started to test premium version of its email service, and now, apparently, it has become publicly available. According to ZDNet, the preview version of Premium can now use anyone – but only within the United States. On the page of the service said that during the promotional period, the cost of using Premium is $ 19.95 and then have to pay $ 49.99 a year for use of premium-mail. Premium includes support for custom domain names – Microsoft got rid of this option back in 2014, and now again it added in the form of paid service. The public preview version of the e-mail service allows you to create up to five custom addresses on new or existing domain. Microsoft itself will provide for the purchase of the domain users. During the first year of using the new domain will be free, and then they will need to pay each year. Premium version of the mail from the Redmond company also spared from any advertising and makes it possible to share events in the calendar, and documents with other users.

Because of restrictions preview version of Premium – the fact that use the service as long as Only US residents, as well as lack of support for forwarding mail and group work



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