There comes a new app from the increasingly active laboratory Microsoft Garage . As we know, this is an “incubator app” within the company, where employees can work in software available for any platform. Clip Layer is designed to Android and focuses on a function of the always controversial system: copy-paste which some judge unintuitive and not always reliable.

The app was developed from an idea of ​​ Steve Won senior designer in the Office division and already the author dell’apprezzata Hub Keyboard . When called, by holding down the Home button (physical or virtual), the app creates a universal transparent layer. so just select the content to be copied even in areas that had not be selected, and then choose what to do – add it to the clipboard, share it by email or any other app of our preference.

As often happens with Microsoft Garage, the app is completely free but available for download only in the US . If you want to try it, though, you can download the APK from apkmirror and install it manually.

Clip Layer | Google Play Store Free Source VIA