continued the slow decline of Flash . Even Microsoft is, in fact, planning to remove support to this technology in Edge to put everything on the most modern standards HTML5 . The Redmond has, in fact, did you know that the next release of Windows 10 default browser will block the execution of putting Flash by default the use of HTML5. The Flash support will not, in fact, removed altogether but will be the users to have to manually enable in case of need.

To make it less traumatic the transition from the old to the new technology, Microsoft will ensure that Flash works correctly on all the major web portals that are still using this technology even if it has not communicated the list of these websites. List, however, that over time will be gradually reduced until Flash can be definitely put on the back burner. This new capability will come very soon for all users enrolled in the program Windows Insider . For users Windows 10 version of the new Edge will come with the release of Windows 10 Creators Update next spring.

The decision to gradually abandon Flash by Microsoft certainly does not come unexpected. For some time the Flash technology is considered outdated, heavy and not very safe. All the greatest of the web player, in fact, are working to abandon it to focus on more modern HTML5 standards. Even Apple and Mozilla have announced similar plans for their browser and the default block Flash has already arrived on the release 55 browser Google Chrome .

As the arrival of the Flash block even on Edge, all major web browser will focus on the most modern HTML5 standards and this should definitely push developers to point in no uncertain terms in this direction.