Facebook Messenger passed last summer billion by users, but the company is always looking for new ways to improve the user experience. The latest effort is the introduction of “ conversation topics ” (talking points), that is a feature that offers tips to users on what to talk about with friends. This new option appears closely related to Facebook since it is based on what your friends have just done, or where they were or their future programs.

This new feature is currently being tested by a small number of users iOS and thus is not available for everyone and it is not even allowed to know when the social networks the will distribute to all. Suggested topics of conversation have their own section within the application of Messenger. The topic of conversation suggestion appears under the name of a friend in the new section. Next to the user name appears the classic indicator that shows whether it is online or not. In some cases, the proposed topics may include elements such as songs that your friend has just heard through a streaming music service, or an event that indicated inside Events of Facebook .