Meridio, the street lamp that uses less and connects the city


Meridio is an innovative solution for the lighting of urban environments developed by the Italian company Menowatt GE. The lamp has in fact a dual function: first of all lights significantly reducing consumption but above all it can to enable the city to a series of innovative services, such as remote management and lighting control the monitoring of the level of fine particles in the air, noise pollution or of garbage bins filling was .

Meridio is able to do all this thanks to an innovative patented radio technology, capable of creating urban infrastructure able to report the collected data to a central them that analyzes . Infrastructure management is possible via a dedicated web portal or a smartphone application with which you can also control the light point.

The product is made entirely in Italy and will, through the energy and cost savings, enabling the city to a higher level of technology for the control of important data such as air and noise pollution, waste disposal and traffic. Meridio, according to the managing director of Menowatt, will be an important driver for the growth of IoT technologies .

For those interested in seeing the work Meridio, Saturday, December 3 will be inaugurated the new pilot plant in Castel del Giudice in the province of Isernia.

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