The number of reviews of the new generation of smartphones Apple’s continuing to grow. At this time the test has undergone the internal memory of the smartphone. Enthusiasts have two iPhone 7 with 32 GB and 256 GB of storage and compared them to the test write speed and read files. Speed ​​reading from the internal memory in two modifications were similar, given the allowances for the fact that a larger volume of the drive performs much better in these tests. Unexpected was the fact that the 32-gigabyte version of the iPhone 7 differs from the other 8 times at record speed.

While an iPhone with 256 GB of memory recorded files at a speed of 341 MB / s, the model with 32 GB showed only 42 MB / s. This difference was apparent not only in synthetic test, but also in real conditions. Enthusiasts have compared time to copy the movie size 4.2 GB of phone memory, on that 256-gigabyte “apple” smartphone took 2 minutes 34 seconds, and the 32-gigabyte version coped with the task for more than a minute later.