Members Yandex seems to represent his all-Russian medical handbook. The company released a ranking of search queries, according to which wins the health issue.

Even cars -.. and those only in second place not to mention everything else

Questions about diseases, symptoms, drugs, hospitals, doctors accounted for 4 percent of the total. This is about 7.5 million hits per day.

Every minute of feeling afraid 5 thousand people.

Men are also interested in folk medicine, homeopathy, pregnancy, blood tests and other procedures. Separate the hype, of course, occupy the disease in children. Do not yield to them the topic of proper nutrition.

According to statistics, a surge of interest in medicine, and everything connected with it, takes place in March, and falls in the summer.

Health Search – Research Yandex – Health – one of the most popular topics not only talk, but also to search the Internet. He devoted more than 4% of searches, almost 7.5 million per day. This is one of the largest search engines in order – two times more than cooking, and is about the same as cars and everything associated with them