Over the past few years, large companies promise us a revolution in as smartphones and tablets, which can be folded in half or even worn on the arm as a bracelet. The most active of all, Samsung is working in this direction. It is also considering the issue of flexible devices, and LG, and Lenovo and all showed in this year’s prototype bendable smartphone and tablet. But it may be that the first release such a device is not one of these tehnogigantov and Chinese company Meizu. The latter has recently registered a patent, which describes a device that can be folded in half.


the Meizu has filed a patent for this registration is relatively recent – 28 August this year. In the device described herein, the outside of which is covered with a flexible display. The figures we can see the device, which consists of two parts connected by a hinge.


Perhaps, the Meizu decided to patent a similar construction to the case, if such devices will become popular. But it is possible that in the secret laboratories of companies have really develop a flexible smartphone.

Source: gizmochina.com