After several weeks of rumor and advances in today’s day Meizu announced the sixth version of its software customization, Flyme OS 6 .

According to a statement from Yang Yan the stage for the presentation of two new devices Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu M3X the new Flyme 6 looks like a real new completely redesigned operating system and characterized by the use of a new color palette that makes the very uniform interface.

Starting with the new version, in addition, Meizu has integrated over 400 new features 200 new animations and 1000 enhancements of performance that so allow you to get a smooth and enjoyable to use never seen before. Do not miss One Mind by Meizu like ‘ TO integrated into the software platform.

Focused particularly on privacy and security with the Flyme 6 will now be possible to set up to three different fingerprints to unlock the phone 3 mode (normal, guest and privacy) depending on the finger used so many similar to what we saw with the MIUI 8 Xiaomi.

Finally, also present a renewed encryption of data inside devices such as photos, contacts, files and apps. The new Flyme 6 is available starting today in beta for about 6000 users who will carry out the registration request within 23:59 on December 10 and December 30 public beta for a number of devices.

Flyme 6 is compatible with both the recent Pro 6 Plus and M3X, both in the form of renovation, for already Meizu smartphone on the market, including:

PRO 6, MX6 , PRO 5, MX5, PRO MX4, MX4, Max M3, M3 Notes, M3E, M3s, M2 Notes, M2, M1 Notes, U20 and U10

Giuseppe Ricchiari VIA VIA SOURCE