Meet the Kirin 960, new octa-core chipset Huawei


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Like Apple, Huawei is one of the only smartphone manufacturers that produce their own processors. And his newest release, Kirin 960, has everything to be one of chipsets most powerful of the market.

At a press conference held on Wednesday, 19, in Shanghai, China, Huawei has tested the power of a device with Kirin 960, compared to an iPhone 7 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The results showed that of the 14 most common applications in China, 13 of them were downloaded faster using its new chipset as opposed to competing smartphones .

The Kirin 960 processor offers eight core in 16 nanometers. This is all the more high-tech ARM . Four of them have the architecture ARM Cortex-A73, ever used on a phone. In order to balance usage and conserve battery power, the core ARM Cortex-A53, focused on efficiency, are also present in the other four cores.

Substrates include UFS 2.1, storage technology, and LPDDR4 memory. This means that there are two distinct kinds of speeds in the model, the first saying about reading and writing files saved by the user, while the second deals with temporary information that need to be managed by the operating system.

Perhaps what most striking in Huawei Kirin 960 is your graphics card. Call ARM Mali-G71, it is considered the fastest and most reliable of all the mobile phone market. Compatible with Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.2, the GPU is almost two times better than the Samsung Galaxy S7, Mali-T880 MP12.

Through the new ARM architecture, Bifrost, content in 4K and augmented reality experiences will be no trouble for phones that use the chipset. Also made in 16 nanometers, it promotes a transfer rate of 27.2Gpix / s (gigapixel per second), folding the Mali-T880 number.

Although Huawei has not officially announced any new smartphones with the processor, it is expected that the first device to come equipped with the Kirin 960 is the Kill 9, which should be announced at an event on 3 November in Munich in Germany.

Source: CNet

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