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On Thursday (23), took place in the United States Starburst Accelerator Global Summit conference that opened space to various technological startups to showcase their innovative technologies to NASA and . investors aerospace market

and you are wrong who think they are just crazy ideas waiting for a “fat” investment to become tangible: each presented technology is quite realistic and was shown with a detailed plan of how it would able to change the way we travel the world and space.

Check out the nine most interesting proposals in the event. Some of them seem to have come straight out of science fiction movie scripts, but are pure reality. See:

1. Rocket Electron

The Rocket Lab intends to take satellites into space using its rocket Electron, which is able to perform faster launches, cheaper and more often than the models used currently. According to the startup, the secret of success of this rocket engine would be his “Rutherford,” unlike anything that has been seen before.

2. Sliding seats

Molon Labe

For passenger aircraft, Molon Labe developed these sliding seats that allow the aircraft to temporarily increase the space of the corridors during shipment.

3. “Brains” aircraft


Already Qelzal has more ambitious plans and intends to develop “brain” for the aircraft, it was more or less as portrayed in the film Stealth – Invisible threat , 2005. in the film production, the battle plane eventually becomes self-conscious and starts to make decisions on their own.

4. business jet that takes off and lands vertically


How about the XTI, this business jet can take off and land vertically? He would be able to move directly from the garden business from their homes, leaving them in the company’s parking lot, without the need for a special runway.

5. Box that produces electricity from water

Spektronic This box of Spektronic with design somewhat old fashioned, may seem bland, but has great powers: the device is capable of producing electricity from water . The company, which also produces fuel cells based on hydrogen a few years ago, wants to expand its energy supply and provide the “SWAP” device that produces hydrogen from a wave reaction to water, generating energy.

6. Exploration of asteroids

Deep Space

Thinking in space exploration, the Deep Space plans to “industrialize the border” peeling asteroids for resources that are scarce on Earth, but there are plenty of these bodies into space. In their plans is to take this technology second moon which was recently discovered by NASA’s orbiting our planet.

7. Cargo Drone


The natilus, in turn, presented a project to build a “cargo drone,” which would be somewhat similar to the delivery of drones Amazon but in much larger proportions.

8. Robot cleaner


know the immense amount of bacteria that ends up accumulating inside the aircraft? For this robot Germfalcon was developed to eliminate 99.99% of microorganisms using only ultraviolet light.

9. augmented reality helmet


Finally, this helmet Daqri will be able to bring augmented reality to workers in the industrial sector, giving another meaning to technology, which, for now , is more present in the entertainment business

. Source: TechInsider