MediaWorld brings into play technology


MediaWorld launched a flyer dedicated to all the latest technology, valid until 30 October. Inside the flyer users can find tips on a variety of high-tech products dedicated to the rate gaming as a console, computer, for virtual reality systems and much more. Among the best products at the viewer stands for virtual reality PlayStation VR allowing you to play with PS4 a more immersive titles. The viewer, together with PlayStation Camera is sold at 449 Euros.

Also among the console will signal the PS4 500GB with the game Uncharted 4 for only 249 EUR, while the PS4 Slim 1TB with two games of the saga Call of Duty is proposed to 329 Euros. For those who prefer the console from Microsoft, the new Xbox One S 1TB with the game Gears of War 4 is offered at 349 Euros. There are, then, play with and accessories for all the most popular console of the moment. MediaWorld, in this special flyer with high technological level, also offers an interesting selection of computers all characterized by the presence of oeprativo System Windows 10 .

Dedicated to gaming, the electronics chain offers desktop PC Acer Predator AG3-710 with Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and GPU Nvidia Gforce GTX 960 to 1199 euro. Again present computer accessories such as routers, keyboards and mice.

Finally, MediaWorld reminds its customers that as of November 10 will be available the new console PlayStation 4 Pro to 409.99 EUR (359.99 EUR scrapped an old console.)

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