The company MediaTek, a well-known developer of mobile processors, today announced plans to create specialized solutions for the automotive industry.

It is noted that currently there is rapid development of autonomous control systems and technologies for the “connected” cars, endowed with wireless connectivity. Therefore, this segment has huge potential in terms of demand for different microarrays.

MediaTek identifies four main areas of work. One of them – the advanced driver assistance systems (Advanced Driver Assistance System, ADAS). MediaTek hardware platform with integrated processing of visual information can with high speed and accuracy to identify and track objects.

Another project will be the radar of high precision, using millimeter waves. Such a tool will provide highly effective in fog, rain, snow and so forth.

The third area – the navigation and multimedia solutions with a rich 2D / 3D-graphics. Finally, another party will work telematics systems.

MediaTek believes that automakers will be able to offer a comprehensive suite of products that eliminate the need to order individual items from different companies. This will solve the fragmentation problem.