Manufacturers of Wooden Houses in Veneto


Wooden Case Manufacturers in Veneto

After Friuli-Venezia Giulia we are going to find out today which companies are specialized in the construction of wooden houses in Veneto, moving those who are the first steps of a trip that will affect the entire Italian peninsula.

If you would like to get a detailed quote, but you do not know who you are closest to, there is a chance you will find the information you need in terms of your Veneto location. We will provide you with a detailed list of manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses that not only operate in this area but whose head office is located within these boundaries, are also specialized in bio-building that show a particular attention to the environment, eco-sustainability and energy saving.

Before going into detail, however, we would like to remind you that on our site you will also find a list of the best wooden houses manufacturers at not only Italian but also international level, bearing in mind that the geographical distance is not a problem for any realization of a project.


  • Alps Haus
  • Belwood
  • Bio house
  • Biocasanatura
  • Home Nature
  • Ecocaselegno
  • Ecosisthema
  • Edilproject
  • Eiland
  • Large Wood
  • Haume
  • La Edilegno
  • Montini case
  • Reiter wooden case
  • Studio Dalla Libera
  • Tonin wooden case
  • Woodbau

Alps Haus

Company of Belluno voted for the bio-building, the Alpi Haus proposes the construction of very green houses, therefore of ecologically low energy houses. Wooden carrying structures are anti-seismic, provide high sound insulation and provide a fully customizable design.


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<p> Flexible construction systems able to meet any customer's needs, high energy performance and the use of environmentally friendly materials and finishes: this is the proposal by Belwood based in Sedico (BL) but operating all over the country. </p>
<h3> Bio house </h3>
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