The company Check Point Software Technologies, which specializes in security issues and previously discovered a vulnerability Quadrooter in Qualcomm processors, has published a new report, which says that the malware under the guise of ordinary Android-apps infected more than one million Google accounts on tablets and smartphones. These applications are using known vulnerabilities in the operating system Android, allowing attackers to remotely manage devices and install other apps without the user’s knowledge.

The report notes that applications typically have names such as Perfect Cleaner, WiFi Enhancer or StopWatch, which do not cause suspicion. Customers who behave recklessly in the network, independently download these dubious applications. Once they get on a smartphone or tablet, starts downloading other programs in the background, and some of them use the user name and password to post fake reviews.

Trojan called Googligan, which is hidden in these applications, as reported by specialists of Check Point Software Technologies, infects more than 13 thousand Android-devices on a daily basis. But all of these applications users download outside the Google Play from third-party stores or simply unknown sources.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you need to download content only from reliable sources, and read reviews from other users.