MacBook Pro, sound problems solved with BootCamp


End of audio issues for Windows installed on new MacBook Pro through Boot Camp . Yesterday, in fact, Apple has released a comprehensive update of new audio driver, to eliminate some malfunctions reported by users in the last few days. For some owners of new laptops, however, you may still be necessary to have Apple’s official support, even in the Apple Store with an appointment at the Genius Bar.

The failure emerged a few days ago when several users have tried to install Windows 10 via Boot Camp. After the procedure, and starting the new MacBook Pro through the Windows partition, many were left with an incredibly high audio, apparently capable of damaging the speakers. The problem, according to the statement from the laptop owners on social networks and on the official forums of Apple, would then also remained back in the classic partition for MacOS Sierra.

Yesterday, Apple released of new driver to resolve the issue, available via the Windows version of Software Update . Although Cupertino do not specify it directly, some owners have reported, through social networks, a useful tip: before accessing the Windows partition and install the update, you indicated connect headphones to the 3.5 inch jack, to prevent any acute sounds could damage the speakers. After the procedure, the playback volume should return to normal levels, thereby ensuring the classic behavior of the MacBook Pro. As MacRumors reports, some owners would have reported a basic sound slightly lower than normal, a consequence but not worrisome.

How easy to see, users who in recent days have been a hardware unwittingly give their speaker, they may not be able to get better with the new driver update. For this reason, it is recommended to contact the official support of Cupertino or alternatively book an appointment at Genius Bar from the Apple Store nearest you.

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