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One of the first to play that Apple would end the headphone jack on the iPhone, Macotakara Japanese website now states that the company will eliminate two ports on MacBook Pro. according to the site, the high-performance notebook line will be updated in a special press event to be held on 27 October.

At the time, it is expected that Apple announce new Macs – including the new generation of MacBook Pro with Touch ID, USB-C and function keys sensitive to the touch. Only the computer lose the entries USB 3.0 and Magsafe, come only with the USB-C ports (which also serve to recharge the battery) and Thunderbolt 3. In addition to the port changes it is also expected that Apple enter an OLED touch bar with the new MacBook Pro, which should come with thinner design.

The Macotakara also says that the MacBook Air 11-inch will be discontinued, and that Apple will release a MacBook Pro 15.4 “and the other with 13.3”, plus a MacBook Air 13.3 “updated. The disappearance of the smaller model was expected, since Apple put on the market a MacBook 12 “.

It is good to note, however, that all this is speculation. In the left, then wait for the news to be presented at the end of the month.

Source: The Verge

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