New hope for the release of MacBook Pro in the month of October although previous rumors have indicated November as the most eligible period. According to some reliable sources defined, and collected by MacOtakara Japanese site, the new Apple’s professional laptop could come within days.

According to reports from the Japanese magazine, Apple would have prepared two new versions of its professional laptop : a 13-inch and the other 15, and reflecting the current line. To these we could also add a refurbished MacBook Air 13-inch, while the version of 11 seems to be ready to retire, replaced by the MacBook fanless presented last year.

Few rumors emerged on these devices. There is also talk of including USB-C ports, compatible with the Thunderbolt 3 standard, as well as the mysterious inclusion of an OLED bar, this replacement of the function keys on the keyboard and fully customizable by the user, as well as touchscreen.

Doubts, however, emerge on the front of the processors. Many analysts argue that the time is not mature enough for the introduction of new Kaby Lake Intel, so it is likely that the new laptops Apple cannibalize already well known, and still performing, Skylake .

Meanwhile, as MacRumors points out, it may already have emerged the name for the bar and OLED Touchscreen earlier mentioned. In September, in fact, the Cupertino company would have recorded the new brands, with explicit references to a mysterious “ Control Strip “. A control strip that could certainly be compatible with the rumor emerged to date on OLED bar, a fact that would only strengthen their possible introduction.

not emerge, finally, enough detail on the front of design . Certainly Apple could make minor improvements from previous versions, long out of date, with a more subtle and versatile profile. The shell, the latter also in aluminum, could then be made available in the same colors of the MacBook fanless launched in 2015.