Update 1/12

Apple has released a driver update to Boot Camp at this very hour that , according to initial reports, solves the problem of “pop” loud that risked permanently damaging the speakers. Of course the driver update does not fix the speakers already compromised; in these cases the only solution remains from an Apple Store for repair.

Original Post 22/11

According to some reports spread on the net in recent hours, the use of Windows with Boot Camp would result in some adverse consequences on speaker new MacBook Pro . According to reports, the speaker would produce periodic strong “ pop” at regular intervals, causing the bad and distorted audio volume balance time (on any OS) with the volume higher than 50 percent.

The problem is that these effects persist even after a reboot, and even going back to MacOS. This problem occurs just using Windows with Boot Camp so all good for those who use virtual machines, such as Parallels, or for those who simply never uses Windows.

The problem does not seem limited to a specific configuration of the MacBook Pro, and for now, Apple has not yet ruled on the issue in detail. According to tests performed by the users themselves, the pop “ruin-speaker” might be caused by an outdated audio drivers, and would be enough to install THIS driver (not approved by Apple) to do disappear.

Pending a final solution, however, the advice is to use external speakers or headphones if you have to start Windows using Boot Camp.

Source VIA VIA