New MacBook Pro 2016 have a problem that concerns the Video Card in particular the one dedicated. Many users, in fact, have problems with GPU and, in particular, in the 15-inch version are displayed glitch screen. A problem that disables the Apple business notebook, whose series seems to be very wide and varied.

After a few days in the hands of users, the MacBook Pro 2016 have started to show some problems related to the GPU, in particular to the new dedicated graphics cards. In particular, the website 9to5Mac through a proposed survey of users, is showing how the problems with GPU are very common . While the sample is not representative of the other thousands of users are complaining of the screen glitch.

Specifically, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with a video card Radeon Pro 460 seems to be the most affected. A little ‘surprise, in the second place we find the 13-inch model with Touch Bar and integrated graphics, while the third, we find the 15-inch model with Radeon Pro 450 .

Obviously, 9to5Mac stressed that this poll could represent an overestimation of the spread of this problem.

At the time of this writing, Apple has not released any official communication about it. Moreover, we do not know what is the nature of this phenomenon; given that some say could affect the software while for others everything is connected to hardware problems.

Finally, according to user reports, the screen glitch mainly occur during the use of Adobe software application and Photos . The fact is that thousands of users are waiting for a response from Apple in order to understand what is the nature of everything, and if we have to order a replacement notebook or will receive an update ad-hoc software.