MacBook Pro 2016: GPU problems?


New MacBook Pro came from a few days in the hands of consumers. And after the first few hours of testing, it seems some have emerged problems related to GPU . The remarks come 9to5Mac, a proposed survey to its readers, to verify the existence of malfunctions related to the graphics card of the new professional laptop. Although the sample is not representative of course, are different users to confirm visual discomfort and glitch-screen.

Following a number of complaints appeared online, especially on social networks, drafting 9to5Mac has wanted to conduct a small survey among its readers. In particular, the magazine has decided to examine the existence of any malfunctions for the GPU of the new MacBook Pro in particular the versions equipped with 15-inch AMD dedicated card. Among the respondents, apparently, 40% of the holders of a MacBook Pro with Radeon 460 would experience glitch-screen, a fact that you would only be repeated in 11% of cases with a Radeon Pro 455 .

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