is coming a new round of inputs, the List of obsolescence product targati bitten apple. As announced by various American sources, as of December 31 some of the most successful Mac will no longer receive Hardware Support at least from Apple. The software will support, in case the devices in question were compatible with the latest releases of the operating system of Cupertino.

The rumor was announced by MacRumors, tested you would have received an internal memo to Apple, on further of obsolescence plans for Mac no longer very recent. It is a practice more than usual for the group of Cupertino: cyclically laptops, desktops, and mobile devices are included in this list, or when it is no longer possible for the company to buy Parts on the market. Lack of supplies making it difficult to provide hardware support for users, who then have to rely on third-party solutions in case of failures. Among Mac I included in this round, even some of the most famous models in recent years:

  • MacBook Pro 15-inch the beginning of 2011;
  • MacBook Pro 17-inch the beginning of 2011;
  • Mac Mini the beginning of 2009;
  • MacBook 13-inch mid-2009

Thus, as already mentioned, will cease hardware support, but not necessarily that software. Some of the models listed, in fact, are fully compatible with the recently MacOS Sierra which will not cease official support. Normally, Apple put products in its list of obsolete after 5 or 7 years after the launch, depending on the availability of spare parts. In California and in Turkey, however, the company provides to two additional years of service, as required by local regulations.

Of the three lines included by 31 December, provided that the rumor is officially confirmed by Apple, only three have seen the launch of similar models in recent times: the MacBook, the ultra-thin model of 2015, and MacBook Pro with the specimens launched last October. Mac Mini, however, does not see updates for some time whatsoever.