The Dutch telecommunications company KPN announced the holding of the first in Europe testing technology Internet of things LTE-M, better known as LTE Cat-M1. to project a hand Qualcomm technologies, developers and Ericsson. As part of the testing test Qualcomm’s device based on the MDM9206 LTE IoT modem were used and infrastructure equipment Ericsson. Manufacturers say that using MDM9206 is possible to develop cost-effective IoT-devices for a low data rate, which more effectively work through a narrow-band modem.


The main advantages of experts distinguish coverage of a wide range of new business opportunities, including such areas as “intelligent” consumption and accounting of energy security in the building, infrastructure, industrial control and automation, retail point of sale, asset tracking, medical projects, The lighting industry, as well as secondary market telematics.


” Tweet Qualcomm Technologies I am pleased to participate in a joint project with KPN companies and Ericsson, – says the vice-president of business development for Qualcomm Europe Inc Roberto Di Pietro. – This project is an important milestone in the development of machine to machine. Modem MDM9206 is part of a family of products that have been specifically designed to support the features of the new generation of commercial LTE-devices for the IoT. These devices will have low power consumption and wider coverage, without requiring high bandwidth. They should also provide increased self-life battery life compared to previous generations of LTE-devices and be available at a price “

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