premium tower defense

Tabasco Games has released in the App Store and Play Store his new title Battleship Lonewolf . It is a strategic sub-genre of tower defense featured a plot and a production of a certain level and a rather engaging graphics.

The aim is to help a ‘ ship to escape intact from a trap crafted by them that they sent on a mission. We will have to strengthen and always seek new weapons to resist the onslaught of opponents.

will be crucial also oversee other aspects of the ship, as its speed of movement and defensive capabilities. In addition to the main mission, organized in levels and a story that ends, there is also a “survival” mode allowing you to play to the bitter end, until it resists.

Battleship Lonewolf is a “premium” game, meaning that you pay everything at once and there are no surprises later on – No advertising or in-app purchases. The price is around three euro ; here’s the trailer, and links.

Battleship Lonewolf | iOS | iTunes App Store 2.99 €
Battleship Lonewolf | Android | Google Play Store 3.19 Source