driver Uber in London to obtain a license will have to take the test on knowledge of in English. Has previously been proposed to oblige to pass the test for English only residents of non-English speaking countries, but according to recently come into force rule such a test will have to go through all the drivers and UberX Uber Black.

Organization of Transport of London, oversees the private car services, as well as buses and subways, believes that a new rule is necessary to ensure public safety . “Communication with passengers to discuss the route or the payment, as well as reading, understanding and ability to respond to important information on regulations, safety and movements sent by by TfL, critical to the role of the driver in the transportation of the public” – He wrote on his organization website .

As mentioned above, previously offered by TfL must pass written and oral language test only residents of the countries in which English is not the official. In August, Uber has filed a lawsuit to cancel the rule, saying that for the normal operation of the drivers would be well enough to oral examination.

According to the new rule, to pass the exam the driver will have to pay up to £ 200 ($ 245). The test will include a written part, but the driver will be able to provide proof of his knowledge of the language. All drivers who apply for a license on or after October 14, will have to pass an exam before 31 March 2017. After April 1, each driver will have to meet the language requirements to be able to apply for a license.

“We have always supported the ability to speak English, but the delivery of the written exam in English language has nothing to do with communication with passengers or secure their delivery from point A to point B,” – said the Uber . “Thousands of drivers for many years to provide excellent service to Londoners, will now have to shell out £ 200 and pass a written exam, try to find the old certificate GSCE or lose their licenses and earnings” .