London office becomes a clue to the “real” Mario Kart in fun video made by fans


Even a serious environment and sometimes tedious as an office can become the stage for a fun sports competition based on one of the series games most popular race in the world. The video you see on the bottom of this post is the result of a partnership between English website Mpora specializing in talking about “inspiring adventures,” and Razor Craft a US company specializing in the manufacture of karts, surfboards, bikes, and other products that embody the spirit of freedom and fun.

The action all takes place within an office that suddenly turns into a race track for the costumes of the characters Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, all properly installed in their stylish karts.

As show his driving skills dodging various furniture in its path, the contestants do not exempt the use of some cheating items like bark Banana and mushroom to reach the “Arrival lift” before your opponents . Well that all office could have this “moment” Mario Kart “at least once a week to relax the atmosphere, do not you think, reader (a)?

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