Now all YouTube users will be able to make streaming video at 4K resolution is a standard-size with movies 360 degrees . The news came at this time officially through blog of the popular video sharing service.

Already in 2010 opened the YouTube videos in high resolution and in the last six years, according to a statement by the company, the platform has become the largest online library of content in Ultra HD. With streaming 4K YouTube aims likely to encourage the use of its channels by broadcasters and professionals to offer users an increasingly wide of live programs . The move to 4K was dictated by the rapid spread of smart TVs that support the format, and above all by the desire to beat the competition in video hosting industry that has seen the birth of several platforms dedicated to free streaming.

The maximum resolution for video transmission is 3840 x 2160 pixels and up to 60 frames per second YouTube will create lower quality for those without a compatible terminal or for those who have a connection automatically not fast enough.

The first event broadcast in 4K will be the 2016 edition of The Game Awards aired December 2 starting at 2.30am (Italian time).