The range of Lite-On SSD as the company has a for corporate use and for the ordinary consumers to the latter include a new series of Lite-On CV5. These drives can be attributed to the budget class, as evidenced by the use of flash memory TLC, no cache memory and average streaming speed recording. Lite-On has not reported the name of the controller used, but said the development of the original firmware, which in particular supports the transfer of the cells in the SLC-mode to speed up the entry and error correction algorithms for LDPC third generation.

SSD Lite-On CV5 equipped with interface SATA 6 Gbit / s and are presented in volumes 128, 256 and 512 GB. The speed at streaming read operations stable at 520 MB / s, while recording changes within the 160, 320 and 450 MB / s. When random access operations of data read and write performance of up to 85 and 75 thousand IOPS respectively. Supports energy saving modes and DIPM DEVSLP. Pricing information has been reported.