LG updates with game modes for HDR


OLED TV in 2016

LG has released a update for TV OLED 2016 . Three of the four series available ( C6V E6V and G6V ) are now equipped with a game mode for HDR . The arrival of this news had been announced by the manufacturer Korean following complaints received from various users. The absence of a specific game mode for HDR entailed an input lag increase, or a long delay in response to commands when used with HDR video games. Specifically, there was talk of a 50-60ms delay.

The update, still not available in Italy (the release took place, for now, in the United States), adds HDR Game mode and is effective in reducing the input lag. According to reports from some tests performed abroad (eg from HDTVtest), delay of game modes for HDR is now in line with that of the standard game mode. Let’s talk about about 34ms on a TV C6V .

The update should arrive in Europe (and in Italy) in the coming week. The series B6V is currently not supported because the firmware are different than other OLEDs of 2016. However, we believe that these models will soon be updated (LG had promised a new firmware for all OLED, without ruling out the series B6V).

Nicola Zucchini Buriani SOURCE

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