LG LV5 output as non-modular version of the G5?




seems like a new smartphone LG is the next exit which is LG LV5 that could present itself as a non-modular version of G5 . In fact we know almost nothing about the new terminal which for now is only the protagonist of a photographic paparazzi with what could be the design of mobile phone both the front and the back. Well, if the front there’s really not much to say, the back tells of a composition of the body and its components which leads immediately to mind the current flagship albeit with some substantial difference. Let’s discover more, above the photo stolen.

LG LV5 will thus be a non-modular version of LG G5 that will, however, without some of the flagship iconic components of the South Korean home as the camera with two sensors: thus we find only one goal accompanied by an LED flash, the reader fingerprints and a speaker positioned on the underside. There is the possibility of removing the rear shroud and therefore battery. The operating system should be no doubt Android 7.0 Nougat since it has already been implemented on the topclass LG V20 already on the market.

What could be the hardware specifications?

Recall the main LG G5 making use of the powerful Snapdragon processor 820, a 5.3-inch screen Quad HD IPS Quantum with always-on notification area, 4GB of RAM, dual camera on the back with standard lens with a 78 degree angle and 16-megapixel sensor and 8-megapixel secondary with wide angle of 135 degrees (1.7 times larger than the current top and even more human visual angle).

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