Experts believe that the Korean tech giant LG is imperative to introduce truly innovative and successful flagship smartphone to turn the tide with a loss ratio of the mobile business. Poor sales figures of the previous model G5 Reputation:, is believed to have become the main cause of loss of the mobile unit in the amount of about $ 67 million.

LG G5 Reputation:

The exhibition Korea Electronics Show in October, LG introduced a new universal module for smartphones, which can serve as a front camera and a scanner of the retina. Resource KoreaHerald, referring to its sources, reported that the probability of occurrence of this module in the smartphone LG G6. thus, the company will be able to respond to the latest Samsung steps to integrate security technologies on the retina.

in addition, as reported smartphone get LG pay mobile payment system based on MST (magnetic Secure Transmission) -. a similar Samsung pay MST-solutions for simple payments by touching the smartphone to a magnetic card reader used in most retail networks supporting mobile payment


According to the expectations, the LG in G6 will also use a removable battery that will solve the problems of security and increase the share of output of good products. Perhaps this decision was also affected by a disaster with Samsung Note 7:. This unit was taken out of production because of the incandescent non-removable batteries

Analysts say that although the sector of home electronics and business TV at LG are going well, losses mobile division this year reached a historic high, so that the success of the G6 is critical. Especially given the expected decline in profitability in the sector of television due to the stabilization of prices of LCD panels.