Market wearable rather quickly replaced growth in the fall. However, this only happened on Apple Ā«fault” as the company takes the lion’s share of this segment and its sales have fallen dramatically over the past few quarters.

If you do not consider Apple’s, it would be very modest market wearable, but growing. The Company stopped the race and did not let a few models a year. Despite that LG has registered just four brands that may be new models of smart watches: Watch Style, Watch Pro, Watch Force and Watch Sole


In the description of all items is written that we are on the watch, which communicate with smartphones. That is, all brands have a relationship to the smart watch. of course, this does not mean that we will have four different new devices. Possibly, a question of one or two models and their modifications.

also LG registered trademark Watch Pay, which corresponds to a mobile payment service, which will be available and smart watches. Recall, according to the latest rumors LG working on analogue MST technology in the Samsung, ie LG pay service should allow to pay by means of conventional terminals for credit cards. Perhaps the new clock will be shown at CES 2017, or MWC 2017.

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