LG G6 will recharge faster and Wireless




The first rumors of LG G6 the future flagship of the South Korean company, we speak of a technology that will be implemented and that will bring the benefits of fast recharge without the inconvenience of wires . Therefore, it will be the wedding of Wireless (or rather contact) with fast recharging with a special pad 15 Watt which enables to fill in all quickly, simply posandoci smart mobile phone on. About this technology he was spoken already since last May, so it seems that the time is ripe for its spread on the international markets. According to estimates, will be able to bring the battery level to 50% in just 30 minutes ,’s discover more after the continuation.

LG G6 will probably be presented next spring, perhaps in April, continuing the excellent path already traced by his predecessors since LG G2 then go to LG G3 and LG G4 it is doing better than LG G5 (pictures of) that had not received the same acclaim the 2015 model albeit with many interesting innovations and a great camera. The charging speed of the promise battery – 30 minutes for the 50% – is comparable to that of its LG G5, as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 with the difference that may occur without wired connection. Curiously, the wireless charging technology is not, however, it supported neither by G5 nor the other recently released flagship, LG V20. And the problem overheating / explosion?

Ask more information compatriot Notes 7 that was finally dramatically withdrew from trade and production because of the very serious problems that have brought several specimens to explode or ignite causing a real world event.

Well, we expect LG to be a natural more attention to this problem: it fits the fast recharge, but obviously is not going to compromise the structural integrity nor safety. However, as it will be LG G6? The entries are still insufficient, but discussing a tempered glass for the rear instead of a total metal of choice as to G5. And the data sheet?

Less likely to be installed on a screen OLED as rumors of a few weeks ago, however, we can be sure with a Quad HD resolution panel like the predecessors since G3. The camera should be equipped with two sensors, and is waiting to confirm the modular nature of the device. You just have to keep listening and waiting for more updates.