This incredible game that already has been available for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) some time offers a solid and addictive mechanics mixed with an interesting concept of game that will keep us hooked to the screen of your smartphone for years. Here we tell you more about Leap Day, pure drug in the form of platforms.

Quality seal

If you usually play on your mobile or a few years ago would you dabais flash games surely something you sound Nitrome name; This development teams takes many years in the industry, and, with the boom of mobile game has continued to create hit after hit. Among its strengths include its sublime use of pixel art with its colorful aesthetics and performance obsession and simple game mechanics, marked and addictive.

In this case The main advantage of the game is that every day a whole new level is added, thus the sense of progress and the opportunity to compare scores and brands with the community and acquaintances is felt much more . A real success.

Wall To Wall

gameplay rotates about something very simple, jump. It is the only action that we can perform as the character moves only from left to right. just we have to worry about going jumping and bouncing from wall to wall climbing as much as possible and collect all the fruits that we can since they are the currency we use to save game. This system saved starting the game adds a touch of strategy and patience rather curious but unfortunately something that always has to be present to annoy … The micropayments.

4,99 can pay to remove the game ads (unfortunately quite annoying) and have endless checkpoints so that we will not pay for fruit to save progress, however this advantage is more than a basically remove the game from its originality . One aspect quite negative to deceive.

Be that as it this is a great game, and free character. You do not expect to play more and stand forth.

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