Tesla’s success makes the automobile manufacturers to pay attention to the promising market of electric vehicles. According to the source, the leading German automobile manufacturers have agreed to co-finance the construction of thousands of plants fast charging in Europe in the hope that it will contribute to the growth of demand for electric cars.

The project involved VW company to belong to her brands Audi and Porsche, and BMW , Daimler and the European branch of Ford. They intend to create a joint venture, which will start to be deployed elektrozapravok network as early as next year. The first stage is planned to create about 400 stations, and by 2020 they will account for thousands.

The charging stations in question will be used by a combined charging technology (CCS), surpassing the existing solutions on the charging rate and the calculated energy consumption of up to 350 kW ∙ h.

Project participants were invited to participate in it from other manufacturers.

Source: to Reuters