Laura Boldrini, Facebook and hate speech


A nice button that says in large letters “warning: hatred”, a free telephone line for help in case you are attacked, and a staff all Italian linguistically and culturally to understand what actually can be an insult to someone. Laura Boldrini has made these proposals to Richard Allan former British politician responsible for the Europe of Facebook policy .

The issue of hate on the net is becoming an emergency. A bit ‘to the real issues, but also for the different focus that politics is giving to the issue (case in point is the Germany ). Imagine what can think of Laura Boldrini, starring a few days ago even a personal initiative, when it issued with clear names some insults she received on social networks, fueling a counter-cyber-harrassment. difficult issue, that of the attackers complaint on the Net, which intersects with that of freedom of expression. The president, however, has always been an advocate of a decision maker approach, not least in the gender issues that often fall nell’hate speech.


So, however you think about letting the beast talk “against itself” – does not seem a brilliant solution – there is perhaps more focused sull’hate Italian political speech, so that Facebook, after the episode unpleasant, he gladly organized a high-level meeting. Allan, in fact, responds to this issue for all European countries, and has listened to the third position in the State, which was not long pray making some proposals. Which?

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