News in the world of the GDR: arrives on the App Store the title “Knight Slinger”, graphically the game is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

From GAMEVIL arrives on the App Store an interesting new game for iPhone and iPad entitled Knight Slinger an RPG that all fans of the genre will be difficult to pass up. Available free to all, the app has a weight of about 220 MB regarding the download, it shows a graphic with the greatest care, and simple and intuitive game controls. The history tells of Odelia Goddess h declared war to conquer the Blessed Land of Public Speaking. To end the violence, Moira Goddess has assembled a legion of riders ready to advance towards the front. Among the main characteristics we briefly 3D visualizations investigating and designed in detail, more than 500 characters, possibility of forming your own personal team, six classes, and the five elements, you will have the task of spreading your character thanks to special power-ups, wide variety of content and much more.

Link – Price FREE!