Kingston UHS-I U3: the ideal microSD for GoPro and drones



Kingston UHS-I U3: the ideal microSD for GoPro and drones


Kingston has made official what is described as the microSD ideal for action camera as GoPro (and friends) and for drones: we are talking about the model Kingston UHS-I U3 which is characterized by a rugged design and form factor, to make it perfect for use in outdoor in conditions not some static and stable. Performance that puts on the plate are decidedly upscale with read speed equal to 90MB per second and write at 45MB per second to save the fly even heavy video with a high frame rate as they want the most recent sports video cameras and quadricotteri. We find out more about this special new memory card.

With the frightening growth that is having the ActionCam of the sector and the upward flight of the drone, these two markets are increasingly demanding support also and above all from the companies that offer external accessories and / or components are essential for the ‘ use. And what could be more essential that a storage medium for saving what is being taken over or clicked. On the other hand, every ActionCam well as every drone must necessarily make the most of every space and thus opt for saving files on index cards microSD. It is not true that one is worth the other, because each model can completely overturn the experience.


With Kingston UHS-I U3 you will therefore have a high fidelity performance with support of the first class in both reading and writing data with respectively 90 and 45 megabytes per second.

What do these numbers mean? That for example you can record a videos 4k smoothly and carefree or a movie at a rate equal to 240 frames per second for spectacular slow motion. This card will not really fear anything since it is impermeable to water, dirt, shock, external temperatures and even X-ray will also be possible to insert it inside a special SD adapter to be able to read on other devices such as computers, laptops and media players.


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